GlobalSky Simulation S.A.S. before ColombiaVFR, is a company from Colombia for the world, founded by Andres Vidal Our founder is an Architect, Photographer and pilot at heart who saw the pandemic as an opportunity to take advantage of the confinement time, studying and learning multiple areas such as orthophotography, WEB design and development for flight simulators. Thanks to this and without further pretensions, he embarks on the audacity of taking the flight simulator to a flight simulator. X-Plane de Laminar Researh satellite images of Colombia. Finding a difficulty, these images are not of the best quality and present mostly projected clouds which instead of being a plus became a problem, Andres due to his advanced knowledge in Photoshop decides to correct one by one the images, eliminating clouds, imperfections and spots, thus creating a new image. the best photorealistic images available for Colombia, Initially this product was intended for private use, but due to the interest of the public in groups of Facebook and virtual aviation communities, the decision was made to bring the first product to the market, which consisted in 10 areas of Colombia elaborated by this technique using different tools such as Ortho4xp de Oscar Pilote and adobe Photoshop. To Andres' surprise the product was a resounding success, this forced him to build a website, a logo and a brand, from there was born. ColombiaVFR. This name Colombia for being the country of origin of Andres and VFR which stands for Visual Flight Rules, VFR is a procedure used in aviation to go from point A to point B guided by visual references, being these, towns, rivers, mountains, roads and others. Andres' product was perfect to carry out this procedure in the flight simulator, having recreated the country exactly as it is in reality. His main customers, student pilots, saw in the product the perfect complement to improve their learning. In the year 2023 and with the rise of Microsoft's Flight Simulator flight simulator, ColombiaVFR launches the first airport in the market. SKCA Narciza Navas de Capurganá siendo igualmente un rotundo éxito en ventas. A mediados de 2023 debido a restricciones legales relacionados con el nombre «ColombiaVFR» and as this name no longer fully encompassed the range of products we are developing and our ambitious global objectives, a change of identity was announced. From that moment on, we became «GlobalSky Simulation» This new name represents our vision for growth and our aspiration to offer a world-class flight simulation experience, transcending borders and reaching new horizons.

In GlobalSky Simulation S.A.S. we are committed to providing exciting and realistic experiences that allow our customers to experience the thrill and precision of flying on state-of-the-art flight simulators. Our mission is to provide world-class aviation training solutions, promoting safety and excellence in aviation, while meeting the needs and expectations of our customers worldwide.

By the year 2030 we will be recognized as the undisputed leader in the flight simulator industry in Colombia and one of the leaders in Latin America. Our vision is to set a standard of unmatched quality and realism, consolidating strategic alliances with airlines, academic institutions and armed forces while expanding our presence internationally. We strive to transform the way flight is trained and experienced, promoting safety, innovation and passion for aviation.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the design and development of our products to customer service and technical support. We constantly strive to exceed expectations.

Security: Safety is our top priority. We promote safe practices in aviation and in our products, thus contributing to the development of highly trained pilots.

Innovation: We foster continuous innovation in the flight simulation industry. We are committed to research and development of advanced technologies to constantly improve our customers' experience.

Integrity: We act with integrity in all our business and personal interactions. We comply with high ethical standards and are transparent in our operations.

Collaboration: We value long-term relationships and work closely with our customers, partners and employees to achieve mutual success. We believe in synergy and teamwork.

Passion: We share a passion for aviation and flight simulators. This passion drives us to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional experiences.

Sustainability: We are committed to being environmentally and community responsible. We seek sustainable practices in our operations and products.


Passion for what we do!

Andres Vidal


Founder of GlobalSky Simulation 

Jorge Britto


His work gives life to the objects that make up our products.

Leonardo Puerto

commercial pilot | 3D DEVELOPER

He brings his knowledge and experience as a Commercial Pilot to our products.


Software Developer

With his work, he programs and codes our products.